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Piedmont Peach Designs

Personalized Teacher Lanyard

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Hey fellow teachers! My husband and I are both educators and have gone through a million lanyards throughout our teaching career.

I made these in the hopes of having something cute and functional! Hope you like them and feel free to message with any questions or suggestions! This is a 36” lanyard personalized with your last name. It features 3-4 silicone beads in several colors. You can choose between a round slight oval name tag or a hexagon tag. It will also come with a clasp for your keys!

We have two Fonts to choose from:

Font 1 is the font seen in pictures with the names Mrs. Foster, Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. McNally and Mrs. O'Kelly

Font 2 is the font seen in the pictures with the names Mrs. Schie, Mrs. Asberry, Mrs. Hutchinson.

If you want Font 2, please specify in the personalization box with your name. Thank you!! Don’t forget to complete the personalization for the name you want and font!